At Innovecs, our focus is squarely on providing high-quality business technology solutions to you, our customer. We do this – time after time – because of the way we approach our business.

  • R&D/ Product Engineering

    We help clients rapidly convert their concepts into fully functional products for all stages of the software product development lifecycle including product conceptualization & development, localization, migration & porting, product extensions.

  • Application Development

    The enterprise IT landscape is complex, and interacts with business needs and process mapping. Whether it’s a customer-centered interface or a back-office solution, we develop new applications that build your business and your credibility.

  • QA & IVT

    Our team has extensive software testing experience, from simple applications to complex cross-platform software and embedded systems, to offer a comprehensive range of independent verification and quality assurance services.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise portals, unified communications and collaboration, enterprise content management, business intelligence – these tools and more are at your disposal, as are 21st century answers for the problems like customer relationship management.

  • Infrastructure Solutions

    We offer 24x7 Product Support & Maintenance; have an expertise in legacy application maintenance, software product maintenance, database and data warehouse support, website and ecommerce maintenance. We also provide Level II and III Product Support.

  • Mobile (incl. Enterprise Mobility)

    We create mobile apps in every popular format: Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry and others, for thousands of end-users or for needs of one enterprise. Call on Innovecs mobile practice and put our extensive mobile engineering experience to work for you.

  • Cloud/SaaS

    Cloud computing takes pressure off your infrastructure, systems, applications, and IT resources while offering enhanced flexibility. Innovecs can help your business migrate your data and software to the cloud, making it available when, where you need it.

  • Web

    No matter what web technologies you use - HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, PHP, or Ruby on Rails – there are Innovecs engineers who speak your language. We handle the technical aspects of web work so that you can focus on the added economy, efficiency and results.

  • Embedded

    We can work with embedding in nearly any existing program. We offer expertise in operating systems: Android, VxWorks, Embedded Linux, RTLinux, Windows CE, Symbian, and ThreadX; programming languages: Assembler, C/C++, Objective C, Python, Lua, HTML, Java, C#/.NET, others.

  • BI & Big Data

    Innovecs engineers are experienced in the implementation of a broad range of business intelligence tools, from data acquisition to data processing. Some of the technologies include: ETL/DW, Informatica, MongoDB, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Ab Initio, Microsoft SSIS, ErWin

  • Usability

    We are experienced in usability analysis, UI prototyping and design, user interaction and user experience. Our UX experts will make sure that every your application – desktop, web or mobile - is easily operated by user and every feature performs as intended.

  • Finance & Insurance

    Innovecs provides software engineering solutions for every part of your financial services business, including managed services, packaged product customization and support, integration platforms that meet industry standards and Investment banking programs.

  • Gaming

    Our team of energetic experts and creative professionals will be delighted to work on any project, no matter how complex it is. We gathered a number of gaming veterans who are totally dedicated to incredible world of games.

  • Media & Publishing

    We have the ability and imagination to give you the cutting-edge tools to move to the forefront of today’s fast-evolving digital media landscape. We work with electronic publishing; create dynamic web portals, and compelling social media apps and branding opportunities.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is a powerful force, which continues to grow in a fast pace. Our people are well-experienced in developing solutions for email marketing, search marketing, social media, online advertising, integrated digital marketing, real-time automation and analytics.

  • Travel & Transportation

    We develop e-commerce solutions that function across multiples channels, booking and reservations systems, and transaction management and logistics programs. We create portals that are functional and easy to navigate, which stimulates online sales.

  • Telecom

    Innovecs engineers have years of experience devising and building effective solutions for the telecom industry. We are capable of delivering operations support and business support systems, mobile infrastructure, and core network solutions.

  • eCommerce

    eCommerce plays an essential role of the today’s Internet. Innovecs is well positioned to help your company develop comprehensive eCommerce solutions, provide integration with payment processing engines, shipping services, social networking sites.

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

    The logistics industry is highly complex and the applications used take advantages of the latest developments in software engineering. Talk to Innovecs about developing solutions for materials management, channel management, distribution and supply-chain.

  • ISVs & Technologies

    We help ISVs get more from their R&D efforts, because using outsourced engineers creates economy-of-scale efficiencies. Talk to Innovecs about product engineering, maintenance and support, IT application development, and IT strategy consulting.

For us, software development begins with questions, and lots of them: What do you want to accomplish? How do your people work? What do you expect technology to do for you?
We ask questions because every client is different, every need is unique, and every product we deliver has to integrate seamlessly into your existing technology suite

Sergiy Khandogin