We’re smart and we love what we do. If you thrive on challenges, never stop learning and enjoy
collaborating with your colleagues, high chances you’ll do well at Innovecs.
Our Achievements

Innovecs was established in September 2011 by leaders with decades of experience in the international software outsourcing. Company launched its operations in Kyiv, Ukraine in January 2012 with 5 only employees and 1 client. For only 5 years we‘ve turned Innovecs into a stable company with well-developed and well-thought inner processes and unique corporate culture. Today Innovecs ranks among the 40 largest IT companies in Ukraine. Our team is about 400 highly-qualified engineers, our portfolio is more than 50 clients ready to recommend us. Here is a brief timeline of our success and achievements.

5 employees
187 employees

• Active growth
• Moved to new office 4800 sq.m

224 employees

• Acquired Game Dev company Tatem Games
• Opened 1st Sales office in USA

270 employees

• Opened Sales office in Tel-Aviv
• Opened Blockchain R&D Center
• Won prestigious HR Brand Award

330 employees

• Sales Office in UK and 1 more office in USA
• Won National Award “Person of the Year” named Leader of Digital Industry

400+ employees

• Opened Sales offices in Germany and Switzerland
• Named by prestigious Inc Magazine as one of Most Fastest Growing Companies
• Started construction of the new multimedia space - InnoHub

What we offer

Sky is the limit to your personal benefits and achievements as Innovecs offers you a fun, innovative environment to build your own future. Tame your ideas with no bureaucracy and limitations in a friendly team.

Amazing colleagues around
Professional team with the weight of mid, seniors and leads of 94 %, direct contact with clients
Open doors, no bureaucracy
Flat company structure, no bureaucracy, full transparency in solving any questions
Focus on development
Individual development plan, technology mentoring, variety of educational programs
Working in comfort
Flexible working hours, eligibility to work from home, paid vacation and sick leaves
Residence at InnoHub
Lots of interesting events with unlimited access to the top speakers, best lectures and unique events
Sport and extreme activities
Extreme club and outdoor activities: rafting, skiing. Sport community: tennis, football
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We are proud to announce InnoHub.

InnoHub is an international interdisciplinary project and new multimedia event platform created by Innovecs.

"Отличный современный офис, удобный подземный паркинг, классный большой спортзал с теннисом и тренажерами, крутые корпоративы."
Alexander Kahnovskiy
Front-End Developer
"Огромное спасибо HR команде за возможность заниматься с тренером в нашем тренажерном зале! Вы реально крутые, что сделали такую опцию. У меня нет слов, чтобы описать, как Вы попали в точку и сделали по крайней мере мое пребывание здесь до максимума счастливым. "
Java Backend Developer
"Чинопочитания нет абсолютно. Все предельно прозрачно, открыто, прямой контакт с заказчиком проекта. В общем, атмосфера здоровая, о всяких мелочах типа кофе, печенек и пр — можно даже не говорить. Да что там кофе, если спортзал свой есть!"
Michael Sart
System Administrator
"В основном здесь работают специалисты уровня middle/senior, джуниоров практически нет. Если вы джуниор и вы попали в Innovecs, то это однозначно будет для вас серьёзный опыт и карьерный рост."
R&D Manager
"Работаю в этой компании, все устраивает, зарплата вовремя, отличный офис, есть курсы английского, чай, кофе, фрукты, печения; адекватный заказчик."
Максим Левицкий
Senior Software Engineer
"Прекрасный коллектив и неплохо отлаженный процесс. Здоровая атмосфера внутри. Нормальная реакция на предложения. Понравилось то, что управляющий состав прислушивается к мыслям и идеям."
Serg Luzhevsky
Front End Developer
You will love it
We understand well that work isn’t everything, so take a break, relax, and give yourself the freedom to think beyond the next line of code.
Medical Insurance
Fruits and healthy food within the reach
Shuttle bus to Metro
Car and Bike Parking
Comfortable Gaming room
Massage in the office
Doctor Visits to the office
Personal Fitness Coach
Gym 24x7, kicker, ping-pong
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