Every business in the creative industry needs a supercharged animation team that can deliver high-quality 2D and 3D visuals in accordance with the company’s standards. Still, you are not required to do all the work in-house. Simply employ the services of Innovecs as your outsourcing animation partner.

Entertainment companies tend to outsource their animated features to offshore production studios. Innovecs’ team of animators, graphic designers and storyboard artists is ready to show its expertise in any type of animation, however complex or easy it may be. We do classic 2D and 3D animation, motion capture, CGI, rigging and more.

Keyframes in animation
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Storyboard ideas for animation

We have animation expertise in:

3D Keyframe animation
Motion capture
3D Architectural animation
Animated storyboards
Classic animations
Product demos
Medical animation and animatics

Who we serve

Games & Entertainment
Advertising & Marketing
eCommerce & Retail
Gaming Visual Effects & Animation: Tackling the skills shortage

Despite the fact that films and games have progressed regarding graphics and effects quality in the past ten years, the skills shortage is quite noticeable.

Featured Cases
Our designers are always coming up with creative 2D and 3D ideas for storyboard and keyframe animations. Check out some of our featured solutions for clients who chose us as their software outsourcing provider.
Virtual Reality

We maintain the confidentiality of our clients who prefer to keep secret the details of our cooperation. Our “Virtual reality” cases are protected with strict Non-Disclosure Agreements.
Take a look at our VR portfolio samples on SlideShare

Our clients say
"What I value most in cooperation with Innovecs is the response time, the quality of people recruited to our team, the efficiency and out-going pleasant manner of all Innovecs staff both professional and administrative, the ease of communication and openness in exchanging ideas and improving processes."
Oren Tamir
Oren Tamir
COO at Neogames
"When looking to outsource art assets for some of our projects I was fortunate to sign with Innovecs. I remembered them as easy to co-work with guys, who were not afraid to take our challenges and helped to deliver top-notch content."
Artem Nabatov
Artem Nabatov
Head of Studio at Gameloft
"Partnering with Innovecs has been a great benefit to our team and project. The work they produces for us is always on time, within budget, and of the highest quality! Innovecs has made a positive impact with us!"
Shane Nakamura
Shane Nakamura
Art Director at SGN
Why Innovecs
Commitment to a True Partnership

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the products they want are the products we deliver – every time – and that we routinely exceed expectations.

Fast Hiring Processes

We value both the quality and the speed of talent acquisition process, so our clients get a dedicated team of recruiters to find the right professionals within one month.

Inspirational Working Environment

Our dynamic culture allows us to keep a special "Silicon Valley" atmosphere and provide excellent delivery on the most challenging projects.

Our Has Enough Creative Minds to Cover All of Your 2D and 3D Animation Needs

When choosing an outsourcing partner for your keyframe and storyboard animation needs, you should take into consideration the entire package that they are able to offer you. Only Innovecs has the designers with enough imagination and creativity to flawlessly create your keyframe and storyboard architecture and animate it. We have tons of industry experience providing 2D and 3D solutions to studios worldwide.