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Many organizations are choosing to outsource their big data projects to Ukraine to enhance customer experience, reduce costs, incorporate enhanced security, and improve targeted marketing.

Innovecs implements technologies that provide custom tools needed to analyze data, discover patterns, propose analytical models, make informed decisions and minimize risks. Our experts in big data application development can also help your company define your big data strategy and build a roadmap to update Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Business Intelligence infrastructure.

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Introduction to data analysis competitions on Kaggle platform

The purpose of the article is to introduce a wide audience to the data analysis competitions on Kaggle platform.

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Neural Networks in Games

Creating real-time data driven controllers for digital characters is a daunting task considering the vast quantities of ready to use high quality motion capture data. In part, this is because character controllers have lots of difficult requirements which must be fulfilled for them to be useful. More specifically, they must be able to learn from large quantities of data, they must not require lots of manual pre-processing of data and they must be lightning fast to execute at runtime without requiring a lot of memory.

Very often, the game environment is composed of uneven or large obstacles which require characters to perform different stepping, jumping, climbing or avoidance motions to adhere to the instructions of the user as shown below. Such a scenario requires a framework which can learn from high dimensional motion data in high volumes since large combinations of different motion trajectories are involved.

ewfq - Neural Networks in Games

New Developments

Recently, some developments have been made in deep learning and neural networks which have shown some potential for satisfying these requirements. Today neural networks are capable of learning from vast amounts of high dimensional datasets and, once trained, have a fast execution time and a low memory footprint. However, this begs the question, how exactly can neural networks be applied to motion data so that they can produce high quality real-time output with minimal processing. Let’s take a look at how this enhances the graphics in today’s video games and consequently enhances the user experience.

The graphics in modern games are indeed astounding, but the one thing game developers are struggling to portray is the variety and malleability of human motion. In order to make our game characters walk, jump and run smoothly, we will need an animation system that is generated by a neural network description from real time-captured data.

If you have ever played any modern game you most likely have already noticed that many game software developers do this already, but this tedious work is done by developers working from libraries of motions, thinking through all varieties of possible motions. For example, what if the character is waving his arms as he is walking? What if the character is scratching her head as she is walking up the stairs? The possibilities are endless.

Possible Neural Network Solutions

This method, i.e. procedurally generated universes and weapons, has existed in the gaming world before, but put putting them together with convincing animations from wide ranging variable is very difficult. Prior bug-ridden and disjointed attempts are alright if you have something like Ubisoft’s Grow Home but for big-budget blockbusters such as Uncharted 4 this will not cut the mustard.

Well, there’s good news. Artificial intelligence development researchers from Method Studios and the University of Edinburgh have created a machine learning system which captures motion clips that show varying types of movements. Then, when the user provides some command, let’s say, “Walk this way” it produces an animation that fits the command and terrain. For example, the character will start walking but it will hop over a small obstacle along the way.

Possible Neural Network Solutions

Best of all, there no need to make any custom animations to go from a walk to a hop. The algorithm does everything and produces smooth movement without any discombobulating switches between animation types.
To avoid any wrong motions, researchers add another phase function to the neural network which deters it from accidently mixing different animation types, e.g. taking a step while jumping.

Advantages and Drawbacks

This big data application development method is data-driven, meaning that the character does not merely play back a jump animation, but rather continuously adjusts its movements based on the size of the obstacles. The results are very impressive. The neural net combines pre-scripted animations into jaw dropping lifelike locomotion over varying terrain. Indeed, in the results produced, we see characters ducking, jumping and even putting their arms out for balance when walking along a narrow path, everything is calculated on an as-needed basis.

In technical terms, this means that the system, as input, takes user controls, prior position of the character, scene geometricity and then it automatically generates high quality motions to fulfill the necessary user control. There are some drawbacks. If you would like to re-record something after the fact, you would have to wait through 30 hours of training time after the motion capture. Also, designers cannot easily go in and “touch-up” the neural networks output. Also, unlike with traditional canned animation. Even though the neural networks decisions operate quickly, they eat up a lot more processor time than playing pre-recorded animation.

Another problem is that it only works with simple motions such as running or jumping and it cannot handle complex interactions with the environment i.e. precise hand movements or interacting with other objects in the scene. Moreover, if the terrain is too steep, the animation will appear awkward as well a la The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s mountaineers. In the future, researchers are hoping to develop a feature where characters realistically react to changes in terrain as well as terrain surfaces. This would allow characters to confidently walk and run on different terrains and physical conditions, for example, icy roads, or flimsy rope bridges.

Practical Applications

Practical Applications

The application of neural networks and machine learning are changing game software development. Right now, you can feed all of Shakespeare’s sonnets into a computer and it will produce a sonnet that is so close in form and tone to the original, that the layman cannot distinguish which one is which. Let’s apply this to gaming. Let’s say you want to provide users with a new Battlefield experience. All you would have to do is feed every war story you can find into a computer and it would provide users with interesting and personal stories every time they engage.

This is the sort of technology EA announced it was working on at its E3 press conference. They also mentioned that this technology is being designed at their experimental SEED division but did not elaborate much further.

Let’s all keep in mind that the development of neural networks is in their early stages of development and the future seems promising for video game development software if we can harness the powers of neural networks. Groundbreaking research has been done which shows how a neural powered AI could revolutionize how game characters animate realistically through complex game environments in real-time. They have the power to make games more realistic than ever before and provide unlimited potential for developers worldwide. So be sure to keep an eye out for new technologies that make games come alive. This will be an indelible moment in the sphere of game development.

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Innovecs Digest, July 21st: Hyperledger Release, AI captures pharma interest, Machine Learning systems in Intuit’s products

Innovecs digest is your key source of the latest IT news which is being discussed in the professional community. Keep in touch with the trends and get to know the up-to-date, exciting information to keep up with the fast pace of change in the digital world.

Analyzing GitHub, How Developers Change Programming Languages Over Time

If you have ever wondered “Why am I doing this job with language X instead of language Y, which is much better” you are not alone. Many discussions on social media and other platforms have taken place on this subject. In order to find out the proportion of people who actually did switch languages and how the popularity of languages shifts among GitHub users read the full article here:

Analyzing GitHub, How Developers Change Programming Languages Over Time

From Prototype to Product in Less than a Year

The Jamchester annual competition was held last month in Manchester with the goal to raise money for the charity Special Effect. Teams had a maximum of four developers to build a game from scratch. Find out about the teams that took part in the competition and how they fared by reading full article here:

714x 1 - Innovecs Digest, July 21st: Hyperledger Release, AI captures pharma interest, Machine Learning systems in Intuit's products

Hyperledger Fabric Releases Version 1.0 of Open Source Distributed Ledger

The release of the Hyperledger Fabric marked a significant milestone with the release of version 1.0. With the help of the distributed ledger you could prove the ownership of anything that has value, such as real estate, gemstones or even the origin of parts in a supply chain.

hyperledger eu hackfest regonline h - Innovecs Digest, July 21st: Hyperledger Release, AI captures pharma interest, Machine Learning systems in Intuit's products

How Intuit’s Customers Have Benefited from Machine Learning

We all know Intuiut from products such as QuickBook, TurboTax and Mint. They have about 100 patents pending, 30 machine learning systems available and 42 million customers around the globe. But did you know that Intuit is also helping their customers via machine learning? To find out how and reap some of the benefits for yourself, read the full article here:

How Intuit's Customers Have Benefited from Machine Learning

AI-powered Drug Discovery Captures Pharma Interest

Last month, Numerate of San Bruno California and Takeda Pharmaceuticals signed an agreement to use artificial intelligence produced by Numerate to discover new therapies in oncology gastroenterology and central nervous system disorders. This is just one of the latest research partnerships involving AI. To find out the latest about these breakthrough treatments and the role of AI in their developments, read the full article here:

AI-powered Drug Discovery Captures Pharma Interest


If you have already read all the articles and curious how to integrate online gambling into iMessage you can find out more in our latest blog article.

Supply Chain Management App

Product: Perspective App – Gives user possibility to review KPI metrics for definite process with consideration of organization hierarchy.
Exposure App – Risk management application, gives user possibility to track events that can affect any part of supply chain or process.
Fulfillment App – Order collaboration application, gives user possibility to monitor/edit orders.

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Backend for Fintech Platform

Product: The product was established to take advantage of the unique environment set by the convergence of the following three trends: large amounts of assetprice-relevant information becoming available, Big Data technologies making it possible to process and make sense of this information, and Machine Learning technics reaching a point where Artificial Intelligence can now be scalable. It systematically trades US equities based on rigorous machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical techniques to produce superior, uncorrelated returns. Also it uncovers non-obvious relationships by processing large amounts of unstructured data and leveraging computing brute force and employs disciplined and dynamic statistical Risk Management techniques to its portfolio.

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Taxi Booking App

Product: The product is an application that allows to quickly and simply book a taxi in Kiev. The application helps the users to order a taxi wherever they are, directly from the smartphone. You can check your history and create a favorites list of places.
To order a taxi, you just need to enter the place of departure and your destination. There is also a variety of other options available: placing an order for a certain time, ordering a car with air-conditioning, securing extra baggage transportation and other services.
Taxi booking service is integrated with most Kiev taxi services: more than two-thirds of dispatchers are our partners.

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Online Trading Platform

Product: The product is the first and only platform to offer a true, exchange-like experience for dealing in binary contracts. The unique platform offers you to buy and sell binary contracts directly to, or from, other clients. It allows you to easily view available offers from other clients or create your own offer – you decide when, what and how you want to trade at all times.

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Search Data Platform

Product: A specialized technology platform that enables advertisers to reach customers at the exact moment of intent. Search retargeting is the best way to convert prospects and turn them into customers. Thanks to our unique solution, advertisers are able to show banners to highly targeted users based on their recent searches across the web.

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App for Best Shopping Deal

Product: The product is a browser app that provides users with highly relevant deals and offers while they shop online.
The product widget is displayed on the website you’re currently browsing to provide user with exclusive shopping offers. This saves user time & money by helping to get the most out of user online shopping experience. It also gives users the lowest prices on the best retail sites. It offers users coupons, deals, rebates, club discounts & everyday bargains. The product only appears when the user needs it, staying out of the way when users are not shopping online.

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Online Learning Platform

Product: This is an open-source online learning platform and web portal for online education. The platform is implemented mostly in Python and the code is being made available under an AGPL license. The main repository is the platform which includes both the Learning Management System and the authoring tool, Studio. It also includes Xmodules – the courseware components that are being upgraded to the new XBlock architecture in the coming months and to suit various graders.

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Cloud-based Big Data Search

Product1: finds the correct documents using its unique query model. The model allows user to enter detailed search information that is used to identify correct documents better and with a high accuracy.

Product2: represents a unique set of capabilities to review, rate and find the right documents quickly. It is scalable to any size of Big Data as it is the first cloud-based eDiscovery solution with real-time reporting and faster production of documents.

Product3: finds correct documents by learning from user experiences. The learning is in real-time and allows users to quickly identify correct documents in Big Data.

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Programmatic Advertising Platform

Product: The product a product that connects powerful DMP technology with multiple DSPs ensuring global ad-inventory reach across display, mobile, video and out-of-home – all presented in the most automated platform in the business. By consolidating leading ad-technology offers advertisers less risk when choosing vendor, and an easy-to-use platform to manage all programmatic marketing campaigns.

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Media Buying Platform (DSP+DPM)

Product: Main product is self-service platform for running precisely targeted user acquisition campaigns for advertisers. Target metrics are to be ~50% better advertising ROI comparing to competitive advertising channels. Machine learning algorithms to predict consumption behavior and automatically target client’s campaigns to most relevant audience.

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Analytics Platform for Marketing

Product: The platform helps advertisers find their target audience effectively and maximize return on their marketing campaign investment, as well as provides with detailed analytics on who their customers really are. The specific technology makes it possible to utilize large pools of transactional data for enhancing the accuracy and performance of ad delivery across multiple devices. It provides an algorithmic approach to identify users in a privacy conscious manner and overlay their profiles with large repositories of household level data sourced from vast pools of georeferenced statistics.

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