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There is always room for improvement and we are the only company that really strives for perfection. which adds credibility in the eyes of our customers. Only through proper managing and maintenance of qa software assurance standards, can you ensure the software is easy to use and is bug free.

Our highly skilled quality assurance specialists will always give you the type of software users will never forget. We always strive to give you the best performance you deserve, because we take a lot of pride and ownership in our work.

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Featured Cases
Learn more about the ways our IT performance testing enriches companies with outstanding software solutions. Find out about our most featured cases!
Taxi Booking App

Product: The product is an application that allows to quickly and simply book a taxi in Kiev. The application helps the users to order a taxi wherever they are, directly from the smartphone. You can check your history and create a favorites list of places.
To order a taxi, you just need to enter the place of departure and your destination. There is also a variety of other options available: placing an order for a certain time, ordering a car with air-conditioning, securing extra baggage transportation and other services.
Taxi booking service is integrated with most Kiev taxi services: more than two-thirds of dispatchers are our partners.

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Online Trading Platform

Product: The product is the first and only platform to offer a true, exchange-like experience for dealing in binary contracts. The unique platform offers you to buy and sell binary contracts directly to, or from, other clients. It allows you to easily view available offers from other clients or create your own offer – you decide when, what and how you want to trade at all times.

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Website Builder for Insurance Agents

Product: Web-solution aimed to improve cooperation between big insurance companies, independent insurance agents and brokers who represent big companies and companies/people who look for fast and simple insurance solutions nearby.

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Search Data Platform

Product: A specialized technology platform that enables advertisers to reach customers at the exact moment of intent. Search retargeting is the best way to convert prospects and turn them into customers. Thanks to our unique solution, advertisers are able to show banners to highly targeted users based on their recent searches across the web.

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Cloud Telephony Company

Product: Voice Broadcasting, Text Messaging, Call Tracking, Interactive Voice Response, Cloud Call Center, and Developer API.

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Secure Messenger

Product:The product is a next-generation secure messaging app that protects your private messages end-to-end, even after the messages have been read. Industrial-strength encryption keeps hackers out, while patent-pending screenshot protection system helps recipients avoid making and sharing unauthorized copies.

You can choose how quickly messages self-destruct, or a variety of ways to send funny natural reactions, draw and write on photos that are being sent or even recall messages already sent to the recipient.

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Online Auction

Product:A specialized technology platform that enables advertisers to reach out at an online e-Commerce platform which combines the functionality of classic online store and auction. Users are able to buy products at full price as in a traditional online store or via online auction.
There are two types of auctions: English and Dutch model. Users can bid at an English-style auction or “catch a falling star” for Dutch auctions, as well as manage their shopping carts, add items to wish lists, buy items at full price, process online payments, manage deliveries, etc. The platform is optimized for performance, availability and scalability and integrated with Microsoft Dynamic AX ERP.

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App for Best Shopping Deal

Product: The product is a browser app that provides users with highly relevant deals and offers while they shop online.
The product widget is displayed on the website you’re currently browsing to provide user with exclusive shopping offers. This saves user time & money by helping to get the most out of user online shopping experience. It also gives users the lowest prices on the best retail sites. It offers users coupons, deals, rebates, club discounts & everyday bargains. The product only appears when the user needs it, staying out of the way when users are not shopping online.

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Warranty Wallet App

Product: This project is a cross-platform system that manages clients’ warranties. The manager contacts the service centers and activates on your behalf the product warranty. It also supports after-sale services allowing you to contact the service center/provider directly as to any product issue, or to extend your warranty and receive additional info on your products.

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Fertility Tracking App

Product: The product is the most powerful and easy-to use fertility app in the App store. Developed by the Harvard scientists and fertility experts, this app tells you your fertility score each day, indicating the likelihood that you’ll conceive that day and predicts what days you’ll be fertile in the future.

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Digital Trading Platform

Product: This project is aimed to create a solution to help companies become more efficient by providing innovative tools for online procurement. With the help of this platform customers can reduce the procurement costs by 3-7%, halve the time for purchasing, and guarantee a 100% control over purchases. It offers a new vision of the electronic trading platform, online services for purchasing different goods and tender services.

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Taxi Booking Service

Product: The project is aimed to provide the quality taxi service for a passenger and a driver. The principal advantage of the project is a personal selection and training of the drivers, what makes it possible to provide the quality service. What is also important, it shows the photo of the driver and the car that will arrive. Every client will be able to track the movement of the taxi drivers in the city, especially the driver who is going to you at this moment.

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Web Platform for Fashion Shop

Product: From one side web-platform that works as common online fashion-shop for ordinary customers. From the other side customer that becomes a Merchandiser can create his own unique boutique and run his own business. Nearly 100% of all orders are placed through a Merchandiser, with packages shipped straight from the shop.

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Multimedia Newsroom

Product: Implements innovative multimedia processes into a workflow of a publisher, transforming traditional newsrooms into content generators for any type and any amount of media.

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Cloud-based Playout Solution

Product: Cloud based playout solution, allowing its customers to create linear TV channels and deliver them to satellite, cable and CDN networks. SaaS playout solution provides every broadcaster, from an established global player to a start-up, with a tool to reduce overall cost of launching new channels and need for upfront capital expenditure on traditional playout hardware and software, as well as overall levels of maintenance and support.
While increasing operational flexibility it maintains broadcasting industry standards of reliability and security.

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Digital Asset Management System

Product: Platform which is the de facto standard for DAM (digital asset management) systems.
With this server-based software, you get a dynamic digital asset management environment seamlessly integrated with a powerful graphic production and networking infrastructure. A system that breaks down barriers between staff, vendors and clients, and accelerates creative and production workflow.

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Cloud-based Big Data Search

Product1: finds the correct documents using its unique query model. The model allows user to enter detailed search information that is used to identify correct documents better and with a high accuracy.

Product2: represents a unique set of capabilities to review, rate and find the right documents quickly. It is scalable to any size of Big Data as it is the first cloud-based eDiscovery solution with real-time reporting and faster production of documents.

Product3: finds correct documents by learning from user experiences. The learning is in real-time and allows users to quickly identify correct documents in Big Data.

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App Monetization Platform

Product: The product is an app monetization and distribution platform, focusing on user engagement. Developers use it to raise monetization, engagement and distribution.
Our beautiful native ads generate high revenues with minimum interference with the user’s in-app experience, and we offer ready-made tools to further increase user-engagement. Advertisers use the product to reach millions of potential users. Our data driven ad formats allow mobile advertisers to reach the desired ROI and volumes.

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Our clients say
"Communication between remote teams can be a challenge, but with Innovecs driving daily calls both my team in the UK and Kiev work seamlessly together. The engineers are of an extremely high skill level, they are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. Dealing with them and the rest of the Innovecs team is easy and they are incredibly client focused."
Tom Evans
Tom Evans
CEO and Owner Unnik
"We've built a stable team of ace programmers- smart, innovative clever developers with a great work ethic. In the past we had a revolving door for our team- Innovecs has helped us find a group that's in it for the long haul. Innovecs takes the HR issues off our back- they curate prospects, and take care of everything for us. It's often hard to select the best from the elite choices they offer us!"
Robert Pelmas
Robert Pelmas
"What I value most in cooperation with Innovecs is the response time, the quality of people recruited to our team, the efficiency and out-going pleasant manner of all Innovecs staff both professional and administrative, the ease of communication and openness in exchanging ideas and improving processes."
Oren Tamir
Oren Tamir
COO at Neogames
"We have been very impressed with the work that Innovecs has done as well as the level of effort they have exhibited. The project was a success: high quality work, delivered on time and at a reasonable cost. Thanks!"
Rick Adams
Rick Adams
VP of Corporate Development & Strategy at Entrepreneurial Advantage
"As far as working with Innovecs, my overall satisfaction is high. I asked a lot from the team and they ultimately delivered."
Chris Ricci
Chris Ricci
Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Flextronics
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Innovecs is one of the few software outsourcing companies that removes all of the hassles and headaches associated with performance testing. We will do everything for you. Our QA department will take your software through a rigorous inspection and take a holistic approach to cover all of the testing process. You can be confident that we will be thorough enough to make sure that even the tiniest detail has been inspected and works properly.