Businesses tend to offer web applications that are extremely feature-rich, easy-to-use, and easily accessible from smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-ready devices. Whether you’re interested in e-commerce or streaming videos, Innovecs can provide you with web expertise, starting from setting up your server-side logic ending with all the finishing touches to your website design.

No matter what web technologies you use – HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, PHP or Ruby on Rails – Innovecs engineers speak your language. We handle all the technical aspects and support complete web development processes so that you can focus on the added economy, efficiency and results. Let us become your dedicated web development company and handle all delivery issues!

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Discover examples of software solutions developed by Innovecs.
United Trading Platform

Client is Ukrainian product development company which specializes in development of trading platforms

Product: a united trading platform, which will be the part of the new electronic tender trading process presented by the government. Product aimed to become the trading platform №1 in Ukraine. Platform is developed according to the security, stability and high load requirements which are set by the latest standards for such systems.

Innovecs Contribution: Full stack development of the platform, both front-end and back-end

Technology: JavaC#, ASP.NET MVC, IIS 7.5, SQL, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, LINQ, CSS3, HTML, NUnit, Moq, Autofac, EntityFranework 5.0, multithreading, Sql Server 2012, Visual Studio 2013, Selenium (WebDriverl)

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Digital Publishing Platform

Client specializes in Mobile App market, providing the tools for every aspect of the app planning, developing, marketing and monetizing. The company delivers relevant information that top App Developers and Appreneurs are using right now to develop, market and monetize their apps. Also, provides everything from App reviews, articles and blog post to special reports, exclusive interviews, industry news, and classifieds.

Product: Mobile publishing platform which allows to create and publish your own magazine app. It makes the process simple, quick and easy with ready templates, no design or programming skills are needed. You can add any graphics or hyperlinks, audio, and video and make the successful mobile magazine.

Innovecs Contribution: Technology Full-cycle software development.

Technology: Objective C, inApp purchases, iCloud, REST API

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Website Builder for Insurance Agents

Client is the brand created exclusively for members of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, to help consumers understand the value of an independent insurance agent.

Product: a web-solution aimed to improve cooperation between big insurance companies, independent insurance agents and brokers who represent big companies and companies/people who look for easy, fast and simple insurance solution nearby, which helps to cooperate big insurance companies, agents which represent them and companies/people which look for easy, fast and simple insurance.

Innovecs Contribution: Full-cycle development of web-server, web portal, and mobile solution.

Technology: Java, HTML5,CSS3, iOS SDK, Android SDK.

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Search Data Platform

Client is the leading holder of Search Data in Europe and our technology uses its proprietary algorithm and intelligent analysis to combine these searches with other data points such as context, browsing activity, social and recency.

Product: A specialized technology platform that enables advertisers to reach customers at their exact moment of intent. Search retargeting is the best way to prospect and convert prospects and turn them into customers. Thanks to our unique solution, advertisers are able to show banners to highly targeted users based on their recent searches on the web.

Innovecs Contribution: Product preparation for different stages: from MVP to Product v.1; from Product v.1 to Business, Big Data processing and analysis, Real Time processing engine.

Technology: Java, FrontEnd, Scala, QA Automation.

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Cloud Telephony Company

Client is a cloud telephony services provider (SaaS) headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Company designs, develops, and offers web-based VoIP products and services as a business-to-business (B2B) service for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) and bills customers based on usage.

Product: Voice Broadcasting, Text Messaging, Call Tracking, Interactive voice response, Cloud call center, Developer API.

Innovecs Contribution: Developers are working on Cloud call center product, System Engineers responsible for servers maintaining and administration.

Technology: Java, JavaScript, Web-based applications through API’s, Salesforce API, AppExchange, Zen desk Apps, Desk.com API, Mailchimp API.

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Online Auction

Product: an online e-Commerce platform which combines functionality of classic online store and an auction. Users are able to buy products at full price as in traditional online store or via online auction. There are two types of auctions —English and Dutch models. Users are able to bid price for English auctions or “catch a falling star” for Dutch auctions, manage their shopping cart, add items to wait list, buy items at full price, process online payments, manage deliveries, etc. The platform is optimized for performance, availability and scalability and integrated with Microsoft Dynamic AX ERP.

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App for Best Shopping Deal

Product: a browser app that provides user with highly relevant deals and offers while user shops online. The product widget is displayed on the website you’re currently browsing to provide user with exclusive shopping offers. This saves user time & money, helping to get the most out of user online shopping experience. Gives user the lowest prices on the best retail sites. Offers user coupons, deals, rebates, club discounts & everyday bargains. Only appears when user needs it, staying out of the way when user is not shopping online.

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Fertility Tracking App

Product: the most powerful and easy-to-use fertility tracking app in the App store. Developed by Harvard scientists and fertility experts, this app tells you your fertility score each day, indicating the likelihood you’ll conceive from intercourse that day, and predicts what days you’ll be fertile in the future

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Online Learning Platform

Product: an open-source online learning platform and a web portal for online education. The platform is implemented mostly in Python and the code is being made available under an AGPL license. The main repository is platform which includes both the Learning Management System and the authoring tool, Studio. It also includes XModules – the courseware components that are being upgraded to the new XBlock architecture in the coming months and various graders.

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Digital Trading Platform

Product: a solution aimed to help companies become more efficient by providing innovative tools for online procurement. With the help of this platform customers can reduce by 3-7% of the procurement costs, halve the time for purchasing, and be guaranteed a 100% control over the purchases. A new vision of electronic trading platform, the online service for purchasing different goods and services on a tender basis.

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Cloud-based Solution for Telecom

Product: a service management platform, which integrate various products in Mobile Device Management, Telecom Carrier billing and ordering, support, HR and finance into a single system. It aggregates and automates information and actions from wireless carriers and EMM solutions. As a result, customers benefit from full transparency, reliable analytics and process automation. These solutions are achieved without having to access carrier portals or maintain excel spread sheets.

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Web-based Shipment Application

Product: a one-stop-shop for all shipping needs by providing the ability to compare quotes, pay and schedule shipments anywhere, anytime. Product’s technology enables you to ship without surprises – no matter what the item, origin, or destination – by instantly connecting the dots between the thousands of variables that affect the cost. With the most data, the smartest software and the most reliable partners, product provides you with the best options and the most seamless process for successful delivery.

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Taxi Booking Service

The Product is aimed to provide a quality taxi service for a passenger and a driver. The principal advantage of this project is a personal selection and training of the drivers, what makes it possible to provide the quality service. (more…)

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Web Platform for Fashion Shop

Product: a web-platform that works from one side as a common online fashion shop for ordinary customers. From the other side customer that becomes a Merchandiser can create his own unique boutique and run his own business. Nearly 100% of all orders are placed through a Merchandiser, with packages shipped straight from the shop.

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Multimedia Newsroom

Product: a multimedia newsroom that implements innovative multimedia processes into a workflow of a publisher, transforming traditional newsrooms into content generators for any type and any amount of media.

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Cloud-based Playout Solution

Product: a cloud based playout solution, allowing its customers to create linear TV channels and deliver them to satellite, cable and CDN networks. SaaS playout solution provides every broadcaster, from an established global player to a start-up, with a tool to reduce overall cost of launching new channels and need for upfront capital expenditure on traditional playout hardware and software, as well as overall levels of maintenance and support. While increasing operational flexibility it maintains broadcasting industry standards of reliability and security.

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Mobile Site for Cloud Printing

Product: a mobile web-site that allows to track the orders placed via desktop web-version. View supported products and materials. Communicate and share delivery information with your customer. Create users and groups, to get a full overview of your Organization.

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Digital Asset Management System

Product: a platform which is the de facto standard for DAM (digital asset management) systems. With this server-based software, you get a dynamic digital asset management environment seamlessly integrated with a powerful graphic production and networking infrastructure. A system that breaks down barriers between staff, vendors and clients, and accelerates creative and production workflow.

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Cloud-based Big Data Search

Product1: finds the correct documents using its unique query model. The model allows user to enter detailed search information that is used to identify correct documents better and with a high accuracy.

Product2: represents a unique set of capabilities to review, rate and find the right documents quickly. It is scalable to any size of Big Data as it is the first cloud-based eDiscovery solution with real-time reporting and faster production of documents.

Product3: finds correct documents by learning from user experiences. The learning is in real-time and allows users to quickly identify correct documents in Big Data.

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Cloud-based Analyzer of Medical Records

Product: a cloud-based analyzer of medical records to ensure correct encoding, which: provides an expert system in the form of a search engine, a fast index, and a rules engine to allow a coder to build up a sequence of codes by searching the various code lists and indices; “group”s the coded record using a government-approved “grouper” to produce a DRG code, which can then be used for hospital remuneration; allows a coder manager to distribute coding jobs (each job being a collection of patient episodes requiring coding) to coders, track their progress and balance their workload.

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Programmatic Advertising Platform

Product: a solution that connects powerful DMP technology with multiple DSPs ensuring global ad-inventory reach across display, mobile, video and out-of-home – all presented in the most automated platform in the business. By consolidating leading ad-technology offers advertisers less risk when choosing vendor, and an easy-to-use platform to manage all programmatic marketing campaigns.

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Media Buying Platform (DSP+DPM)

Product: a self-service platform for running precisely targeted user acquisition campaigns for advertisers. Target metrics are to be ~50% better advertising ROI comparing to competitive advertising channels. Machine learning algorithms to predict consumption behavior and automatically target client’s campaigns to most relevant audience.

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App Monetization Platform

Product: an app monetization and distribution platform, focusing on user engagement. Developers use mobileCore to raise monetization, engagement and distribution. Our beautiful native ads generate high revenues with minimum interference with the user’s in-app experience, and we offer ready-made tools to further increase user-engagement. Advertisers use mobileCore to reach millions of potential users. Our data driven ad formats allow mobile advertisers to reach the desired ROI and volumes

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Analytics Platform for Marketing

Product: a platform that helps advertisers find their target audience effectively and maximize return on their marketing campaign investment, as well as provides with detailed analytics on who their customers really are. The specific technology makes it possible to utilize large pools of transactional data for enhancing the accuracy and performance of ad delivery across multiple devices. It provides an algorithmic approach to identify users in a privacy conscious manner and overlay their profiles with large repositories of household level data sourced from vast pools of geo-referenced statistics.

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Lead Generation Platform

Product: a lead generation platform, where the user creates product campaign which contains “lead buyers” from one side and their offers (benefits) from another. As soon as a user (interested in some offer) will fill in his personal information (generate a lead) he will get an offer; we are collecting leads and selling them.

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