State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Enterprise in 2017

New technology applied to its very best could create the most astonishing result. A big part of the future of businesses would rely on the advancement of Artificial Intelligence or AI. Here at Innovecs, we gathered for you the latest information about the state of artificial intelligence in 2017 from the various sources and visualized … Continue reading “State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Enterprise in 2017”

May 8, 2017

AdTech trends 2017

AdTech has been on the rise in recent years, and it’s been developing in multiple directions, so the task of deciphering trends and directions is far from easy.  AdTech, in its essence, is on the verge of inter-connections by various industries and we can pin-point the trends of 2017 only by examining a cross-cut of … Continue reading “AdTech trends 2017”

December 28, 2016

FinTech trends and perspectives in 2017

This year we saw a lot of publicity surrounding Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized management of data registries. A major factor was the importance of elements of anonymity and independence of payees as well as the relations between the market participants, with an accent on the removal of intermediaries. Major banks have been researching Automatization of … Continue reading “FinTech trends and perspectives in 2017”

December 28, 2016

Journey from Vision to Minimum Viable Product

Grasp your idea Many startup entrepreneurs are under pressure for resources and time needed to create their own product, whether it’s a gaming app, an online service or else. How to develop a product idea into a real minimum viable product, or at least a prototype? There exists a certain framework for that, divided into … Continue reading “Journey from Vision to Minimum Viable Product”

October 11, 2016