In the land of the phone, Big Data’s bigger than big and Artificial Intelligence is real

In America alone, people are looking at their mobile devices more than 9 billion times a day – up 13 percent from last year, according to Deliotte. Telecom companies can make mammoth business gains with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence — if they can harness and use Big Data expertise and machine learning expertise. Now … Continue reading “In the land of the phone, Big Data’s bigger than big and Artificial Intelligence is real”

September 21, 2017

Neural Networks in Games

Creating real-time data driven controllers for digital characters is a daunting task considering the vast quantities of ready to use high quality motion capture data. In part, this is because character controllers have lots of difficult requirements which must be fulfilled for them to be useful. More specifically, they must be able to learn from … Continue reading “Neural Networks in Games”

July 31, 2017

The Architecture of Neural Networks

A lot of success in deep neural networks and Deep Learning lays in the meticulous design of the neural network architecture software development. Below you can see the top-1 one crop precision in proportion to the quantity of operations needed for one forward pass in numerous popular neural network architectures. In 1994, the first complex … Continue reading “The Architecture of Neural Networks”

July 29, 2017

Innovecs Digest, July 21st: Hyperledger Release, AI captures pharma interest, Machine Learning systems in Intuit’s products

Innovecs digest is your key source of the latest IT news which is being discussed in the professional community. Keep in touch with the trends and get to know the up-to-date, exciting information to keep up with the fast pace of change in the digital world. Analyzing GitHub, How Developers Change Programming Languages Over Time … Continue reading “Innovecs Digest, July 21st: Hyperledger Release, AI captures pharma interest, Machine Learning systems in Intuit’s products”

July 21, 2017

Infographics: “State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Enterprise in 2017”

New technology applied to its very best could create the most astonishing result. A big part of the future of businesses would rely on the advancement of Artificial Intelligence or AI. Here at Innovecs, we gathered for you the latest information about the state of artificial intelligence in 2017 from the various sources and visualized … Continue reading “Infographics: “State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Enterprise in 2017””

May 8, 2017

Introduction to data analysis competitions on Kaggle platform

The purpose of the article is to introduce a wide audience to the data analysis competitions on Kaggle platform. Author will tell you about his approach using Outbrain click prediction competition as an example, in which he finished in 4th place out of 979 teams, the first among solo participants. Knowledge of machine learning is … Continue reading “Introduction to data analysis competitions on Kaggle platform”

March 30, 2017

Supply Chain Management App

Product: Perspective App – Gives user possibility to review KPI metrics for definite process with consideration of organization hierarchy. Exposure App – Risk management application, gives user possibility to track events that can affect any part of supply chain or process. Fulfillment App – Order collaboration application, gives user possibility to monitor/edit orders.

January 11, 2017

Backend for Fintech Platform

Product: The product was established to take advantage of the unique environment set by the convergence of the following three trends: large amounts of assetprice-relevant information becoming available, Big Data technologies making it possible to process and make sense of this information, and Machine Learning technics reaching a point where Artificial Intelligence can now be … Continue reading “Backend for Fintech Platform”

December 29, 2016

Taxi Booking App

Product: The product is an application that allows to quickly and simply book a taxi in Kiev. The application helps the users to order a taxi wherever they are, directly from the smartphone. You can check your history and create a favorites list of places. To order a taxi, you just need to enter the … Continue reading “Taxi Booking App”

Online Trading Platform

Product: The product is the first and only platform to offer a true, exchange-like experience for dealing in binary contracts. The unique platform offers you to buy and sell binary contracts directly to, or from, other clients. It allows you to easily view available offers from other clients or create your own offer – you decide … Continue reading “Online Trading Platform”

July 26, 2016