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VR is Not Only Here for Awesome Video Gaming Effect 

VR boosts student social skills

You are sure to come across a handful of articles on virtual reality applications. And yes, they go far beyond entertainment industry and gaming. Mashable has recently shared the news about students from Kent Career Technical Center in Michigan who created a VR app to help peers suffering from autism. Basically, the app aims to put them into different situations taken from daily student life to boost their social skills. Discover how exactly they have done it by reading the full post: 

How AR and VR Can Possibly Transform Our Daily Routines 

AR and VR future

AR and VR are doomed to go together and transform into a $80 billion market by 2025. These stunning findings have been revealed by Goldman Sachs Research. These technologies will redefine the way we interact with mobile devices and have a huge impact on healthcare, education, and real estate industries. Learn more research insights from the interview with Heather Bellini from Goldman Sachs Research:

Blockchain is to Help Australia Track Medical Research Data 

Blockchain for medical research data 

It looks like he Australian Department of Health is about to use blockchain to collect data for medical research purposes. To cut a long story short, the department seeks to securely monitor who is searching for the medical data and why. The application of blockchain is to ensure that patients’ data will not be used for commercial reasons. For more details proceed to the full publication: 

Blockchain is Meant to Be Retailers’ Holy Grail 

Blockchain in retail

When is blockchain is capable of when applied to the retail industry? The technology can be used to collect and evaluate the inventory data (detection of overstocking and understocking) and reduce business costs. What is moThere, blockchain-based platforms allow for better supply chain tracking and reduction in the imports of fake goods. Sounds intriguing? Then discover more blockchain benefits for the retail market here: 

HTC Announces Blockchain Phone Release 

Blockchain in HTC phone

What will HTC fans find in a blockchain phone? According to the HTC official announcement, the flagship phone is to support decentralized applications and cryptocurrency. Based on blockchain, it is sure to be way more secure than the existing devices. Besides, users will be allowed to purchase the phone with cryptocurrency. Here is the link to the full news: 

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