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Automatic Recognition of Deceptive Facial Expressions of Emotion

Humans change facial expressions in order to trick observers regarding their true emotional conditions. Being able to recognize the authenticity of emotional displays is notoriously difficult but possible for human observers. To find out how, read full article here:

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What to Do When Your Startup Hits a Growth Plateau

At their core, 21st century startups are concerned about growth. Boosting customer numbers, developing economies of scale, capturing greater market share, increasing revenues and profits, and expanding into new markets: ultimately, if a startup doesn’t grow then it doesn’t survive. But what do you do when your startup stagnates and your earnings level out? Read the full article to find out

Blockchain software development services 

Top 10 biggest blockchain players

Blockchain is a technology that works on the basis of a distributed ledger, a database that is shared and continuously added to with new records; these are all marked with a timestamp and connected to the preceding block. To find out who the biggest players in blockchain are and how long will it be before this huge body of support for distributed ledger technology is at the core of everything, read full article here:

big data application development

Big Data and Healthcare

Many of the promising features of Big Data are being felt in the healthcare profession as real-time processing and data analytics is allowing for faster and more comprehensive decision-making and actions on the part of the medical field.
The field is slowly maturing as industry-specific Big Data software and consulting services come to market, but there is still a long way to go before the market can be considered mature. To find out how Big Data is optimizing the healthcare industry, read full article:

Development of artificial intelligence

How AI will become omnipresent

The resurgence of artificial intelligence in recent years has been fueled by both the advent of cheap, available mass processing capacity and breakthroughs in AI algorithms that allow them to scale and tackle more complex problems. With these new advancements come new practical applications. How long will it be before AI is omnipresent? Read the full article to find out

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