The mobile gaming industry is evolving rapidly. Despite this, there is still a vast difference between mobile and computer games. This situation may change really soon as some technologies aimed at erasing the gap are being developed.

Mobile Devices vs Computers: Which One is Better For Gamers?

In the past few years, mobile devices have undergone notable changes. Their processors have become more powerful, and RAM sizes have increased at warp speed. This has brought them close to being competitive with PC’s. Mobile screens have continuously increased in size and resolution. It has become possible to play games that were available only on computers a few years ago. Thisbreakthrough has also been made possible by thedevelopment of collaboration among outsourcing companies and the partnership between Gaming and Entertainment.

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Mobile Gaming vs PC-gaming and 4K Technology

One of the latest trends in the area of computer games is 4K technologies which allows gamers to have an incredibly vivid experience. In fact, all the latest monitors and laptops are equipped with 4K-ready displays. A great number of casual and pro gamers love to use such monitors. Moreover, this tendency is a great source of income for the companies in the gaming industry. Lately, this technology has started gaining in the mobile market. Some of the latest device models already come equipped with 4K screens.

Technologies and Software For PC Gamers and Mobile Devices

Some experts forecast the start of the mobile e-sports era in the near future, geared to various types of games that have become popular in the past on more traditional platforms. Additionally, this provides a great possibility for the integration of  VR technologies which will help gamers entertain themselves better without the need to deal with the PC vs mobile issue.

Plus, the appearance of new, augmented reality games like Pokemon Go is expected. As AR gains popularity, there is thechance that publishing companies will gain new, loyal customers with exciting new apps.

Technologies and software for PC gamers and mobile devices

What awaits us in the computer and mobile games industry’s future? Employing the latest trends, such as 4K and AR/VR, it becomes possible to create another whole level of gaming experience. The development of cross-platform frameworks and apps make it possible to play mobile games on PC. In fact, great technologies and software for PC gamers and for mobile game fans are set to arrive in the nearest future.

Outsourcing Companies and Game Development

Researchers say that the idea of indie game development, extremely popular at first, is losing momentum these days. Month by month, producing high-tech games becomes easier and less costly. Nevertheless, indie games won’t lose their position as they, more often than not, are quite original and captivating. Due to mobile game development outsourcing, latest indie games produced by small studios or individual programmers get lots of attention and get positive feedback from both players and journalists. With the help of software outsourcing companies, each person, with appropriate knowledge, can create and promote gaming apps without any obstacles.

Mobile game development outsourcing companies provide game studios with needed support. It applies especially to those producing quite simple games. Flappy Bird is a great example of this handiwork.

What Can the Gaming Industry Offer its Fans in the Near Future?

There is another trend on the horizon besides the aforementioned 4K resolution, and augmented and virtual reality technologies. More and more game publishers work with both desktop and mobile technologies. It means that soon we can expect some of our favorite games from the past  to land on various mobile platforms. Some popular console and desktop games have already undergone successful mobile porting: Carmageddon, X-COM: UFO Defence, Tomb Raider, Dragon’s Lair, Baldur’s Gate, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. And this list is growing daily. Other titles have gotten  special mobile versions, refreshes or games set in the original universes: Grim Fandango Remastered, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Titan Souls, Raiden Legacy, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Pokemon GO, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, Hitman GO, Need for Speed: No Limits, Rayman Jungle Run, Pacman 256, Bioshock 2D, and many others. Last, but not least: recently one of the most successful MMORPGs of all times – Lineage 2 – has seen a mobile remake to Lineage 2 Revolution.

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As you can see, modern mobile devices have such high performance that whole genres like the point and click adventures are now suitable for this transfer, as are the legendary hits of 1990’s (like classic Pokemon games, Fallout or Legend of Monkey Island) when the top PCs had lower storages, memory and computing power than the average Android smartphone in 2017.

In fact, the near future promises a number of opportunities for PC as well as for mobile games. It means that we will be able to enjoy high quality gaming content no matter what device is used.

Aren’t you excited by the possibilities?