Revamping a Custom-Built Codebase of the Warehouse Management System
Business Challenge
United States Cold Storage (USCS) was looking for an extra engineering help. More specifically, software developers were supposed to take roles of advisors and implementers and initiate further improvements of the warehouse management system (WMS) codebase
Complex and error-prone WMS codebase
The original code implementation made development process tedious. The codebase contained 2 million lines of code and required optimization.
Quick WMS Overview
The WMS covers all the processes run within a cold storage warehouse. The functionality comprises order, receipt, and inventory maintenance, reporting, billing, tasks and labor management, warehouse zones assignment (for different customers and products), appointments for trucks, and a few more functions.
Work Done
The Innovecs team has recovered the WMS codebase for one of USCS’s customers (27 solutions are to be implemented next).

Within 14 months, Innovecs has made a series of enhancements to boost the system performance, change the database structure, optimize the codebase and deploy a production-ready software. These are some of the upgrades made:
Optimized system operation
Originally, the application was hosted on the IBM server, which is rarely updated and hard to maintain. It made development troublesome taking much time to release updates. The migration to IBM WebSphere for Linux helped resolve the issue. The WMS operation improved while the deployment speed went from 2 hours to 15 minutes. This enhancement allowed reading logs and tracking the server events. For USCS, this migration resulted in a quicker and more stable software operation.
Innovecs makes a difference. They come up with ideas and not only that. They demonstrate a proof of concept and specify how something should work and why it is the best option.
Aleksandr Malamud,
Director of New Software Development at US Cold storage
Revamped codebase in 14 months
Reduced deployment speed from 2 hours to 15 minutes
Enhanced caching
The idea behind caching is to store frequently used data in RAM (PC’s working memory) and access it faster instead of sending requests to the database every time. The Innovecs team has reduced the number of calls to the database and accelerated its work. Now the rarely changing data is stored in the cache. This improvement also accelerated the overall software speed
Improved frontend and database performance
The software used JSP (the Java Server Page technology) making unnecessary calls to the database even if a user went back to the previous page. It caused inconvenience and performance speed decrease. Moving from JSP to Single Page Application (Angular) happened to be an optimal solution displaying all the loaded data, which is simple-to-navigate for users and developers. Improvements to the database have also been made and are ongoing.
Technology Stack
Angular JS
IBM Db2 and IBM WebSphere for Linux
We have a lot of competitors growing at a fast pace. The WMS developed by Innovecs would be the backbone of our business. It will allow us to stay competitive and, hopefully, prosper for a long time
Aleksandr Malamud,
Director of New Software Development at US Cold storage
Value Delivered
The WMS solution optimized by Innovecs will help USCS deliver new functionality and features to their customers making their operation faster and more efficient.
About United States Cold Storage
United States Cold Storage, Inc. came into existence over a century ago, in 1889. Now the company employs more than 2,000 people and operates about 38 temperature-controlled warehouses across 13 U.S. states.

In addition to cold storage and distribution, USCS provides warehousing services with a total storage space exceeding 270 million cu.ft. The company also offers third-party logistics solutions to the refrigerated food industry taking care of customers’ freight import and export.

35% of all goods stored at USCS are shipped across the ocean to the renowned American and international food companies. Handling a massive flow of goods, USCS manages to successfully fulfill all the storage requirements and provide quality services to every partner.