In 2017, the logistics industry reached $1,171B. This is as much as today’s Indonesia’s and twice as much as Belgium’s GDPs. Additionally, logistics is expected to grow to $1,374B by 2023.

Despite intensive development, transportation and logistics (T&L) continue to have low digitization. Only 28% of companies have rated themselves as “advanced” in this area. Other domains demonstrate considerably higher ratings. For instance, 41% of automotive and 45% of electronics companies brag about their “digital culture.”

This whitepaper will illustrate why T&L needs to be digitized, the behind-the-scenes challenges, and how software can impact the efficiency of T&L processes.

What You Will Find Inside

T&L inside out. Why the latest trends require T&L digitization.
Challenges ahead. What to start with and how automatization will influence T&L major KPIs.
Staggering projects. Learn the best practices to tailor your own solution.
Dedicated development team. How to choose an outsourcer.