Presently VR has only around 1% market share of the gaming market but from 2017 and on this great and exciting technology for gamers will become more accessible and widespread.

What you’ll find inside whitepaper:

  • Future of VR in gaming & gambling industry
  • Implementation issues of gambling in VR
  • Games and gambling to dominate VR
  • The user base
  • and more…

About the authors:

  • DOUG DYER – VP of Gaming, Innovecs Gaming

A technology executive for over 20 years, Doug previously held leadership roles at Microsoft, Open Wager, THQ, and Warner Brothers. He was CEO of publicly-traded Oasys Mobile and most recently consulted for leading game, ad, and payment companies.  Doug has helped launch over 120 media products on all platforms accounting for $100s of millions.

  • MAXIM ILLYASHENKO – Head of Delivery, Innovecs Gaming

Max Illyashenko is a creative, innovative, result-driven leader with 7+ years of project and product management experience in video gaming industry with distributed and cross-functional teams. He has worked with renown global products with more than 50M+ installs in total.

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