Against the background of ubiquitous automation, some warehouse domains remain only slightly automated. This leads to errors and inefficiencies in warehouse management.

This whitepaper focuses on realms that can be enhanced with image recognition. So far, automated systems can distinguish a pattern of loaded packages and send alerts about potential problems.

If you’d like to get rid of wrong packages in your production line, or in the stacked pallets, find less-than-fully loaded pallets, or conduct automatic inventory, this whitepaper is for you.


At Innovecs, we’ve already made strides in solving such issues and are ready to share our experiences. Read on how.

What You Will Find Inside

Inventory of large warehouses. Image recognition allows the barcodes of physical inventory to be scanned by robotic systems.
Outliers. Heat mapping allows for the automatic detection of wrong packages.
Less-than-full pallets. How to automate alerts for pallets that require human assistance.
Dealing with insufficiencies. How heat maps can catch missing barcodes.
Image recognition inside out. How this technique works in detail.