In the modern world, business increasingly utilizes Supply Chain (SC). Machine learning as a new logistic trend that has all the means to enhance old, inefficient methods with a sophisticated management system reducing business costs and maximizing values. Moreover, modern ML outsourcing can automate processes previously requiring a detailed intellectual approach. And as supply chain is crucially important for delivering products to customers, ML & SC in tandem seems to be a perfect match to solve crucial industry problems.

supply chain 4.0s improvement levers map to six main value drivers - Whitepaper: “Supply Chain Trends + Machine Learning: A Match Made in Heaven”

This idea isn’t the fruit of abstract daydreaming. Statistics show a stable growth in worldwide Supply Chain management annual revenue. The most recent evaluation indicates that implementing a supply chain management system has earned 13.63 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. Every year, the industry has consistently added around one billion dollars to total revenues for the last 7 years. It highlights that the efficient management of material, time and human resources is always in demand and is experiencing stable growth. This whitepaper is aimed at giving sustainable insights into the prospects of Machine Learning utilization in industrial software outsourcing.

What will you find inside

  1. The essence of the Supply Chain. How does this rather complicated and dynamic ‘supply-and-demand’ system operate? The main development trends in this logistic field.
  2. The essence of the Machine Learning. Read about Machine Learning trends, prospects, and peculiarities in software outsourcing. Which type of ML algorithm matches your needs best?
  3. Involvement of ML in supply chain management. ML is able to enhance numerous SC capabilities like logistic forecasting, creating trends, season and mass media effects, and… read to find out more!
  4. Reasons to improve your Supply Chain. Have doubts about if you need SC system development? Read how your industry can develop powerful working strategies for further positioning in the market.
  5. Is Machine Learning the ultimate tool for optimization & expansion of the supply chain? If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. All the reasons can be found on this paper’s pages.

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