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Over 80% of the world’s population are doing their shopping online, and more people are joining in. As a ecommerce development company , Innovecs is ready to become your IT outsourcing partner.

You can rely on Innovecs when you need a custom software solution for your online marketplace, a niche online store or an enterprise e-commerce platform. We are well positioned to help your company develop retail applications and e-commerce store, integrate you site with payment processing engines, shipping services, social networking sites.

Ecommerce development
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We have e-commerce & retail expertise in:

Ecommerce development
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Social networking integration and development
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Third parties integration
Maintenance and support
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eCommerce platform vendors
Retail chains
Online auctions
Trading platforms
Online shops
AdTech trends 2017

AdTech has been on the rise in recent years, and it’s been developing in multiple directions, so the task of deciphering trends and directions is far from easy.

Featured Cases
Innovecs is an expert at creating ecommerce software solutions. Explore the ways Innovecs helps its clients increase their revenue by providing innovative Ecommerce development solutions!
Innovecs Digest, July 21st: Hyperledger Release, AI captures pharma interest, Machine Learning systems in Intuit’s products

Innovecs digest is your key source of the latest IT news which is being discussed in the professional community. Keep in touch with the trends and get to know the up-to-date, exciting information to keep up with the fast pace of change in the digital world.

Analyzing GitHub, How Developers Change Programming Languages Over Time

If you have ever wondered “Why am I doing this job with language X instead of language Y, which is much better” you are not alone. Many discussions on social media and other platforms have taken place on this subject. In order to find out the proportion of people who actually did switch languages and how the popularity of languages shifts among GitHub users read the full article here: https://blog.sourced.tech/post/language_migrations/

Analyzing GitHub, How Developers Change Programming Languages Over Time

From Prototype to Product in Less than a Year

The Jamchester annual competition was held last month in Manchester with the goal to raise money for the charity Special Effect. Teams had a maximum of four developers to build a game from scratch. Find out about the teams that took part in the competition and how they fared by reading full article here: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-06-22-from-prototype-to-product-in-less-than-a-year

714x 1 - Innovecs Digest, July 21st: Hyperledger Release, AI captures pharma interest, Machine Learning systems in Intuit's products

Hyperledger Fabric Releases Version 1.0 of Open Source Distributed Ledger

The release of the Hyperledger Fabric marked a significant milestone with the release of version 1.0. With the help of the distributed ledger you could prove the ownership of anything that has value, such as real estate, gemstones or even the origin of parts in a supply chain.

hyperledger eu hackfest regonline h - Innovecs Digest, July 21st: Hyperledger Release, AI captures pharma interest, Machine Learning systems in Intuit's products

How Intuit’s Customers Have Benefited from Machine Learning

We all know Intuiut from products such as QuickBook, TurboTax and Mint. They have about 100 patents pending, 30 machine learning systems available and 42 million customers around the globe. But did you know that Intuit is also helping their customers via machine learning? To find out how and reap some of the benefits for yourself, read the full article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/amitchowdhry/intuit-machine-learning

How Intuit's Customers Have Benefited from Machine Learning

AI-powered Drug Discovery Captures Pharma Interest

Last month, Numerate of San Bruno California and Takeda Pharmaceuticals signed an agreement to use artificial intelligence produced by Numerate to discover new therapies in oncology gastroenterology and central nervous system disorders. This is just one of the latest research partnerships involving AI. To find out the latest about these breakthrough treatments and the role of AI in their developments, read the full article here: https://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/v35/n7/pdf/nbt0717-604.pdf

AI-powered Drug Discovery Captures Pharma Interest


If you have already read all the articles and curious how to integrate online gambling into iMessage you can find out more in our latest blog article.

Online Auction

Client: Innovecs became an outsourcing partner for one of the largest brand names & jewelry auctions.

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App for Best Shopping Deal

Client: Our client is innovative IT-company from Israel that specializes in a wide variety of web and mobile platforms for e-commerce.

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Web Platform for Fashion Shop

Client: Company that combines elements of direct sales, retail and e-commerce, works mainly in fashion business and focuses on the Merchandisers, providing them full stack support and maintenance.

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Our clients say
"We have been working with Innovecs for three years and we are quite happy relying on them for our technical staffing. The owners of Innovecs are very communicative, speak English clearly, and they are able to enroll us in the vision of how technical processes should work. We definitely trust them as experts in field.”
Danielle Zilberg
Danielle Zilberg
COO at Bidz
"I greatly enjoyed the hospitality and opportunity to meet the team. Now I'm confident we have something special here!"
Tyler Ziemann
Tyler Ziemann
Head of Product and Marketing at Elementum
Why Innovecs
Commitment to a True Partnership

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the products they want are the products we deliver – every time – and that we routinely exceed expectations.

Fast Hiring Processes

We value both the quality and the speed of talent acquisition process, so our clients get a dedicated team of recruiters to find the right professionals within one month.

Inspirational Working Environment

Our dynamic culture allows us to keep a special "Silicon Valley" atmosphere and provide excellent delivery on the most challenging projects.

No Matter How Complex Your Ecommerce Needs May Be, Our Ecommerce Development Expertise Has Your Back

If you are wondering what sets us apart from other ecommerce development companies it’s the relationship we build with our clients and the lengths we are willing to go to make sure that our ecommerce solutions meet their needs up to the last detail. We can create a wide range of ecommerce solutions while keeping in mind all your specific needs. Our ecommerce solutions are designed with the most rigorous industry standards already accounted for and is specifically oriented to fit into your ecommerce plan.