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Global gaming revenues rapidly increase year-on-year, and virtual reality promises to disrupt it all. Seeking the ways to improve the bottom line, many game studios outsource specific development projects to outside companies.

Innovecs provides outsourcing of top-notch game development expertise delivering high-quality games, art, and visual effects to advertising agencies and production studios around the globe. We’ve gathered a team of creative professionals and gaming veterans dedicated to the world of games and mobile gaming development.

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We have expertise in:
Casino games
Mobile game development
Visual effects & Virtual reality
Porting to social/mobile platforms
2D/3D art; Animation services
Games algorithms and math tuning
Gaming platforms development
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Gambling portals
Gaming studios
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Production studios
Advertising & marketing agencies
Featured Cases
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Match3 Game

Client: As the fastest growing mobile games studio, to date, well over 700 million client’s games have been installed on leading mobile and social platforms, making it one of the largest cross-platform gaming companies in the world.

Product: Sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist, this match-3 game is equal parts fun and challenging. Hop in your traveling bakery to set sail on this new puzzle adventure and explore mouth-watering patisseries from around the world.

Innovecs Contribution: Art assets

Technology: 2D Art (maps)

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Online Roleplaying Game

Client is a premier creator and operator of connected entertainment experiences, develops hit games based on some of the world’s most popular and iconic properties.

Product: an iOS and Android base-building and raiding multiplayer game. In the game, players control a team of villains, to build hideouts and recruit henchmen, with the goal to become “next criminal kingpin“ city.

Innovecs Contribution: QA team

Technology: QA (manual)

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Online Bingo Game

Product: a game developed for Brazil next generation of video bingo lovers. Embedding the best of breed gamification metrics and is all about bingo and friends. It is an exciting application that take video bingo to the next level.

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Action Packed Game

Product: an action-packed F2P game where you challenge gunslingers around the world to become the most wanted gunslinger of them all. Your phone is your weapon with live-action holstering, drawing, and shooting. Win duels and collect reward money, then customize your look with classy Western clothes, unlock deadly guns, and arm yourself with special items from the Indian Trading Post.

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