The healthcare industry has experienced a real boom of IT adoption. Medical enterprises turn to be fully digitalized, and patients get used to comfortable using of digital networks and services.

Innovecs is ready to help medical startups and private clinics with customized technology solutions, where it is a health record integration software, a medical billing service or a gamified mobile application for a health check. Outsource the development of your EMR and practice management solution to our experienced team of engineers and designers.

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We have expertise in:
Medical billing software
CRM solutions
Patient tracking software
Document management solutions
EHR / EMR software
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Healthcare startups
Private clinics
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Fertility Tracking App

Product: the most powerful and easy-to-use fertility tracking app in the App store. Developed by Harvard scientists and fertility experts, this app tells you your fertility score each day, indicating the likelihood you’ll conceive from intercourse that day, and predicts what days you’ll be fertile in the future

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Cloud-based Analyzer of Medical Records

Product: a cloud-based analyzer of medical records to ensure correct encoding, which: provides an expert system in the form of a search engine, a fast index, and a rules engine to allow a coder to build up a sequence of codes by searching the various code lists and indices; “group”s the coded record using a government-approved “grouper” to produce a DRG code, which can then be used for hospital remuneration; allows a coder manager to distribute coding jobs (each job being a collection of patient episodes requiring coding) to coders, track their progress and balance their workload.

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