Logistics Software Development

We create robust web, mobile and cloud solutions to streamline your logistics and supply chain management

The solutions we build help overcome the challenges faced by retail business, transportation and 3PL providers.  

Our areas-in-focus include transport tracking applications, supply chain and logistics software development, transportation and warehouse management systems, integrations with enterprise resource planning systems, and more.  

At Innovecs, we put a strong emphasis on secure development and quality assurance. For over 6 years, we have been expanding our expertise embracing emerging technologies like Big Data, Business Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. Keeping up with the ever-changing tech world, we strive to create optimized solutions for your business. 

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Industry Challenges We Can Solve
Global Visibility
Global Visibility
Smart logistics tracking is what can be achieved through visibility. It enables every supply chain partner to evaluate performance and detect bottlenecks on time. At Innovecs, we know what may hinder it. Suppliers, carriers, and customers need is a fast-moving supply chain regardless of these complexities. Innovecs builds supply chain management software that can smoothen the process.
Solutions we create:
  • Supply chain management software   
  • Seamless ERP and SCM system integration  
  • Mobile, web and cloud solutions for multi-enterprise collaboration
Key benefits for your business:
  • Reduced delivery costs owing to better visibility across the supply chain 
  • Improved storage inventory management  
  • Fast responsiveness to sudden failures, e.g.: urgent orders, missing goods, etc. 
  • Automated order processing, invoicing, and goods tracking
Real-Time Data
Real-Time Data
Developing data-driven logistics software is essential not only for the accurate cargo tracking. It allows reducing shipment costs, eliminating variability as well as collecting analytics. Innovecs’s team has a hands-on experience in building real-time data tools powered by Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning. These solutions foster better supply chain visibility and connectivity of its silos. 
Solutions we create:
  • Real-time freight management software  
  • Demand planning solutions 
  • Real-time warehouse management system 
  • GPS fleet monitoring tools
Key benefits for your business:
  • Prevention of misrouted shipments and lost cargo  
  • Instant and reliable cargo delivery monitoring 
  • Reduced delivery delays and last mile issues 
  • Improved LTL transportation
Precise Estimated Time of Arrival
Precise Estimated Time of Arrival
Calculating precise ETA is imperative for logistics providers. It allows tracking a load from the production site, through the warehouse, the logistics provider, right to the recipient’s site. However, not all the supply chain partners exchange load-related data to avoid a theft threat. At Innovecs, we consider these risks and develop safe cargo logistics management software to let all the partners benefit from the predictive logistics.
Solutions we create:
  • Integrated cargo management system software  
  • Real-time supply chain management applications 
  • GPS-powered load tracking tools
Key benefits for your business:
  • Enhanced efficiency of every supply chain partner 
  • Improved logistics planning security 
  • Optimized routing and warehouse resources 
  • Increased on-time delivery rates
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
As technology solutions evolve, predictive analytics becomes an integral part of the supply chain strategy. The biggest hurdle is to single out the quality data. At Innovecs, we leverage Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI) and Machine Learning (ML) to build data-driven logistics management software. It can be used as a major source for gaining actionable insights and improving the supply chain performance.
Solutions we create:
  • Data-driven fleet and warehouse management platforms 
  • Real-time logistics management software based on Big Data, BI or ML 
  • Supply chain analytics software
Key benefits for your business:
  • Making demand, pricing, and maintenance predictions   
  • Streamlined warehouse planning 
  • Smooth transportation management  
  • Enhanced operational capacity
Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System
Smart warehousing is what contributes to accurate stocking and saves storage space, simplifies order fulfillment and reduces shipment costs. The Innovecs team is experienced in developing cloud-based and on-premise warehouse management software which can help make these enhancements real. The functionality is customized to various businesses, from dry to cold storage, to retail and e-commerce.
Solutions we create:
  • Custom warehouse management system and ERP integration 
  • Cloud-based warehouse management for multiple supply chain partners 
  • Inventory management solutions  
  • Blockchain-powered supply chain management software 
Key benefits for your business:
  • Improved inventory, shipping, billing and invoicing management 
  • Overstock prevention and understock reduction 
  • Optimization of shipping and inventory costs 
  • Minimized security vulnerabilities 
Transportation Management System
Transportation Management System
Inbound and outbound shipment planning is impossible without a powerful transportation management system. It serves both shippers and carriers and ensures seamless global operation despite long distances, different languages and currencies. Innovecs can build the software from zero to hundred and integrate it into ERP or SCM suites.
Solutions we create:
  • Cloud-based and on-premise transportation management system 
  • LTL transportation solutions 
  • Uberization of trucking 
  • Quote Management, Mobile Tracking and other features built upon request
Key benefits for your business:
  • Better supply chain visibility and control 
  • Simplified carrier selection process 
  • Route optimization based on enhanced reporting  
  • Shipment process automation 
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Our Clients and Testimonials
"Code quality, talent level, time difference, communication, retention… what you guys have done here is you’ve taken the western principles and you basically have them on steroids. Your HR is very talented, your brochure looks great, the little gifts, the way the office works – everything looks very professional, the office looks great, the environment looks great… You guys are doing that and that’s really, exactly what I was looking for"
Alex Malamud
Director, New Software Development of US Cold Storage
"I greatly enjoyed the hospitality and opportunity to meet the team. Now I'm confident we have something special here!"
Tyler Ziemann
Tyler Ziemann
Head of Product and Marketing at Elementum
"We have been very impressed with the work that Innovecs has done as well as the level of effort they have exhibited. The project was a success: high quality work, delivered on time and at a reasonable cost. Thanks!"
Rick Adams
Rick Adams
VP of Corporate Development & Strategy at Entrepreneurial Advantage
"We've built a stable team of ace programmers- smart, innovative clever developers with a great work ethic. In the past we had a revolving door for our team- Innovecs has helped us find a group that's in it for the long haul. Innovecs takes the HR issues off our back- they curate prospects, and take care of everything for us. It's often hard to select the best from the elite choices they offer us!"
Robert Pelmas
Robert Pelmas
“You and your team are awesome. Your guys got my product done in three months. I am very impressed!”
Andrew Leto
Andrew Leto
Founder & Executive Chairman of Vantage Freight
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Gary González
Executive Vice President of Innovecs USA