Innovecs is led by a stellar team of IT outsourcing professionals. These are people who have not only ‘been there and done that, they’ve learned from their experiences and mentored Innovecs engineers to ‘go there’ for you, and ‘do that’ better!

Alex Lutskiy
Alex Lutskiy
Co-Founder and CEO, Chairman of the Board

With over 15 years’ experience working throughout the Americas and Europe, Alex brings strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, and system engineering strategies. He brings nearly a decade of experience building IT outsourcing businesses to Innovecs.

Alex started his professional career in the early 1990s as a software engineer. He held senior positions with variety of U.S. companies, where he demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments.

Prior to joining Innovecs, Alex served as vice-president of Delivery at GlobalLogic, a global R&D provider, and vice-president of Business Applications and Operations at Ipsos, where he lead operations and strategic direction for the Business Applications group at Ipsos Loyalty North America. He was also a founder of E-Vector, an offshore technology outsourcing company, which he successfully ran as CEO for three years.

On March 25, 2017 Alex Lutskiy received prestigious national honor “Person of the Year-2016”, winning the category “Leader of the Digital Industry” together with his company Innovecs.

Alex holds a Master of Computer Science degree from Kharkiv State University and is pursuing an executive education program at IE Business School in the United States.

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Global Management Team
Sergey Khandogin
Sergey Khandogin
Chief Technology Officer

Sergiy has been part of the IT industry since December 1997.

He has worked as a technical manager since 2000 and has headed a company since September 2005. With a solid academic and professional background in business and technologies, he brings excellent analytical, organizational and problem-solving skills to Innovecs. His deep understanding of business processes and proven strength as a software project manager for complex e-commerce and infrastructure systems makes him an invaluable addition to the company’s leadership team.

Sergiy previously worked at Luxoft where, as a program manager, he managed several multi-project teams, comprising about 100 engineers working for clients in the banking and finance sector. He’s also participated in successful projects for startups

As a senior project manager and engagement manager at GlobalLogic, he was responsible for delivery management and pre-sales support from the delivery side. He participated in a set of pre-sales at different stages. He also led a distributed development team involving staff from the United States, Ukraine and Argentina.

Since 2000, Sergiy has worked with western companies, utilizing his excellent communication and cooperation skills in cross-national and distributed environments.

Sergiy earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science and Telecommunication Systems from National University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute and is pursuing management education program at learning center of international software development company.

Olga Prykhno
Olga Prykhno
Chief Financial Officer

Olga is a highly-skilled professional with more than 15 years of experience in financial management (manufacturing industry, distribution, construction, consulting) and accounting (managerial accounting, automation of document flow, financial accounting). She is a highly motivated person, oriented towards results and professional growth.

Before joining Innovecs, Olga worked as a Board member for a Ukrainian manufacturing holding, where she was responsible for implementation of high-level standards of doing business. The main goals were to implement strong international competencies like IFRS audit in the Ukrainian company, development of financial function strategy, and development of internal audit standards based on PWC principles. Before that, she worked for one of the biggest Ukrainian pharmaceutical holdings and for a retail chain as Chief Financial Officer. Olga also worked in a construction holding where she was responsible for financial management and investment strategy. She considers the most memorable and developmental period of her career before Innovecs as her time working for Kyiv-Mohyla Business School as CFO and consultant where she attuned her business mindset and strong ability to serve clients. At that time, Olga with her colleagues realized projects for Ukrainian companies which aimed to develop financial strategies, business modeling, accounting, shareholder reporting, BSC system development and support and organization of international audit processes.

Olga’s broad experience was acknowledged by her fellow professionals when she was twice ranked among the “Top 20 CFOs of Ukraine in 2010 and 2013 according to “FINANSIST” magazine of “The Companion Group” publishing house.

Olga earned her MBA degree in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. She developed her financial knowledge at Kyiv Investment Management Institute (Financial management diploma program) and the Security Institute of London (International Capital Market Qualification certificate program).

Iryna Chubur
Iryna Chubur
Chief Brand Officer

Iryna has more than eight years of broad experience in the IT industry. She has led sales organizations for some of the leading software development companies in Ukraine.

Today, she applies her industry knowledge in Innovecs, from the very first days of company foundation. As VP of Marketing and PR Iryna manages all PR initiatives, SMM, event strategy and the overall industry marketing needs to help build the Innovecs brand.

Prior to joining Innovecs, Iryna was sales director for GlobalLogic, where she was responsible for sales activities in Eastern Europe. Earlier in her career, Iryna held leadership positions at Terrasoft Group for more than five years.

She holds degrees in Finance and Applied Mathematics from Sumy State University, where she graduated with honors.

Vlad Kopanko
Vlad Kopanko
VP of Delivery Management

Vlad is an IT professional with over 14 years of experience in IT and telecom industries. Bringing strong business qualifications with an impressive track record of hands-on experience in strategic planning, engagement and business development, project and program management, team management. Setting up dynamic and productive business relationships between Clients and teams. Scaling company business.

Vlad holds the position of VP Delivery Management. Accountable for delivery of high quality services, successful projects execution and Client satisfaction ensuring. His responsibilities include Clients relationships and cooperation, operation and delivery excellence, team management and expansion of our workforce. His role within Innovecs will also include operation and finance planning, organizing and managing the continuous delivery process, Client Engagements. Prior to joining Innovecs Vlad has worked as an Engagement Manager, Bid Manager, Resource Manager, Project/Program Manager at such companies as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

Vlad holds a Master’s degree in Telecom Systems and Networks from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Gerry Michaeli
Gerry Michaeli
Managing Director, Innovecs Israel

Gerry is a highly-skilled professional and senior executive with more than 16 years of experience in the Hi-tech industry working throughout various territories (Americas, EMEA, APAC), Gerry has an extensive experience in managing worldwide sales, Building Sales methodologies, business unit development & management, orchestrating and navigating complex organizations with cross-functional teams located worldwide focusing on cutting edge technologies.

Gerry Started his career as a Software engineer and in 2001 switched to the business world, His background is in Cyber Security, Mobile, VOIP, Content Delivery Networks, Gaming, Automotive (LBS) and e-commerce.

Prior to joining Innovecs, Gerry served as a senior executive in various technological company’s and consulting firms. Gerry has founded 2 start-up companies in the Mobile\Telecom arena (HIO) and in Cyber Security arena (Opservo).

Gerry Holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science & Mathematics from the Netanya Academic College.

Doug Dyer
Doug Dyer
Managing Director USA, VP of Global Gaming

A technology executive for over 20 years, Doug previously held leadership roles at Microsoft, Open Wager, THQ, and Warner Brothers. He was CEO of publicly-traded Oasys Mobile and most recently consulted for leading game, ad, and payment companies.  Doug has helped launch over 120 media products on all platforms accounting for $100s of millions.

Doug graduated from the University of Utah and Brigham Young University and has a deep background in digital, social and mobile publishing, business development, product development, licensing, and production on a large scope of platforms and hardware.

His specialties include interactive entertainment (console, PC, online/social, and mobile) publishing, marketing, distribution, as well as digital and mobile product development, business development, licensing and marketing on a global scale.

Armin Roth
Armin Roth
Managing Director, Innovecs Europe

Armin is serving as managing director at Innovecs, Europe. Before taking on his role in Innovecs, he was representing leading nearshore and offshore companies in Western Europe and the Middle East (Exigen, Globallogic, Shinetech). He has been connecting continents by brokering profitable agreements between corporations in Europe and the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Armin has founded two companies in HLS and R&D. He has served in various positions in global European corporations like Sopra-Steria, Integris and Bull. He has published articles on Telecoms, IoT, IT-/cybersecurity, asset-management, healthcare and agile software development.

He appears on panels and as speaker in international summits. He is member of Bitkom and the Scrum Alliance.

Armin also has several publications on issues in the telecommunications, banking, logistics, IoT, Data Security, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Data Warehousing sectors.

Educated in Philipps-University in Marburg. Holding an MBA diploma.

Ofer Ben-David
Ofer Ben-David
VP of Sales and Business Development, Israel

With over 20 years of experience in Israel, Ofer brings strong technical and business skills with an impressive knowledge via practical experience in strategic planning, business unit development, and complex project management. He brings a decade and a half of involvement in senior management in the Israeli economy and the establishment of complex IT systems.

Ofer began his professional career in the mid-1990s as a software systems analyst. He has held a number of senior positions in which he has demonstrated the ability to lead various teams of professionals to new levels of success in a wide range of competitive industries, innovative markets, and successful projects.

In 2016 he won Innovation and Digitalization of the Year award for one of his projects.

Prior to joining Innovecs, Ofer served as a director in the Malam Group’s project division and as a director and manager of Guardian where he led the activity and strategic direction of the Malam Team’s projects division.

Ofer holds an MBA from the University of Derby in England and a BA from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

Svitlana Gildebrandt
Svitlana Gildebrandt
VP of People, Culture and Engagement

Svetlana is an HR professional with more than 11 years of extensive experience in managing and setting up dynamic teams and scaling company’s cultural and engagement activities. She is a major catalysator of organizational performance. Through her guidance of people’s resources, she is able to build bridges between business’ strategy and structure. Her ability to communicate and manage a diverse group is essential at all levels.

Presently, Svetlana holds the position of Manager VP of People, Culture, and Engagement. Her responsibilities include initiating innovative ways to engage our staff, boosting internal as well as client-oriented cooperation, and expansion of our workforce. Her role within Innovecs will also include planning, organizing and managing the overall Human Resources function, Diversity and Inclusion practices, and Engagement strategies. Prior to joining Innovecs Svetlana has worked as a Rewards Project Manager, HR Business Partner and HR Manager at such companies as Wargaming.net and Ubisoft.

Svetlana holds a Master’s degree in English Philology from Kyiv Institute for Humanities.

Maxim Illyashenko
Maxim Illyashenko
Engineering Director, Head of Delivery of Gaming Global

Max Illyashenko is a creative, innovative, result-driven leader with 7+ years of project and product management experience in video gaming industry with distributed and cross-functional teams. He has worked with renown global products with more than 50M+ installs in total.

He previously held the position of the Product Owner where he successfully managed and delivered products with 200K+ DAU. Max has a deep background in PC, online/social and mobile product development and production on a large scope of platforms such as Facebook, Android, iOS, Amazon, Yahoo! Mobage, Mixi, etc.

Holding the position of Engineering Director and Head of Delivery BU Gaming, Max’s responsibilities include operation and delivery excellence, high-quality services, successful projects execution, team management and expansion of Innovecs Gaming business.

Max holds a Master’s degree in Telecom Systems and Networks from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Board of Advisors

Innovecs is advised by top-level executives in Fintech, Advertising Technology, Blockchain, M&A & Investments. Our Advisory Board has top-notch experience at global companies and technology startups such as Hewlett-Packard, Credit Suisse, Eclipse Ventures, KUNA Bitcoin Agency and Madberry.

Igor Karev
Igor Karev

Innovecs | VP of Gaming

Tatem Games | CEO & Founder

Action Forms | CEO & Founder

Eric Kadyrov
Eric Kadyrov

CrossBridge Capital Group | Executive Director

Credit Suisse | Head of CIS / Eastern Europe Region

Hewlett-Packard | Executive Manager – Strategy and Technology

Michael Chobanian
Blockchain & Fintech
Michael Chobanian

KUNA Bitcoin Agency | Founder

Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine | Co-Founder and member of the board

Vulkanit | CEO

Dmitry Sverdlik
Dmitry Sverdlik

Madberry | CEO & Co-Founder

StrikeAd | VP Engineering

Zoral Labs | Head of Engineering