armin correct - Armin Roth, Managing Director of Innovecs Europe at Telekom Congress Magenta Security 2017

Telekom Magenta Security Congress will take place on June 20 and 21, 2017 at the ICM/Messe München. Armin Roth, Managing Director of Innovecs Europe, will represent the company there. At the Congress you can look forward to exciting keynote speeches, networking formats, and breathtaking demonstrations of red hot security topics.

Digitization may be making progress, but digitization without cyber security is a no-go! Cyber security is no longer a topic that’s only relevant to IT departments of companies. Am I sufficiently protecting myself and my company from cyber attacks? What are the latest security trends and solutions? How great is the risk that the German Bundestag elections will be hacked? Lots of exciting topics and insights at Telekom Magenta Security Congress.

To schedule a meeting with Innovecs representative, please contact:

Armin Roth,
Managing Director, Innovecs Europe