Cover - Our first whitepaper - Gaming&gambling VR Era:new solutions and beyond

Innovecs is glad to present our first whitepaper of 2017 on GAMING & GAMBLING VR ERA: NEW SOLUTIONS AND BEYOND. Presently VR has only around 1% market share of the gaming market. The feedback we received from our clients and active users of Virtual Reality though clearly states that in 2017 and forward this great and exciting technology for gamers will become more accessible and widespread.

For now, VR is not as commonplace as mobile or even desktop, and people continue associating this tech mostly with virtual games. And this is amazing for the gaming industry. The VR technology is in its infancy and the experiences offered today are only the tip of the iceberg. They can be somewhat compared to tech demos that open up the endless possibilities for development and investment. Many games types, casino, and poker card battle games, for example, are there to be picked and made money on through immersion in a life-like casino setting.

Innovecs offers its clients a full-fledged outsourcing development and support cycle in gaming and VR development. By 2018 there will be 28 mln paying customers using VR, and a large portion of which would use VR for gaming and gambling purposes. And the market share is open for grabs unlike any other. Contact us now to become among the first ones to enter this lucrative industry.

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