Product Description

A financial trading platform enabling open access to global markets for retail investors through an easy to use interface and suite of products and tools.


This is a unique opportunity to join a strong R&D team and make it even stronger. We are looking for a talented, smart, creative and passionate professional, eager to take part in developing the next generation of leading technologies.


  • 4+ years of experience developing websites front end, SPA and NodeJS, knowledge in front-end FW experience with JS OOP and MVC and ES6 and Flow/TS;
  • Good foundation of computer sciences knowledge (B.Sc degree or equal knowledge);
  • Established expertise and hands on experience with JS, React, Webpack HTML and CSS\LESS\SCSS\PostCSS;
  • Established expertise and hands on experience on JS tool chains such as Babel, Webpack, gulp etc.;
  • Experience working with mission-critical production environments (Deploying, Debugging, Maintaining);
  • Proficient understanding of code developing tools, such as Git, Travis, IDEs etc.;
  • Proficient understanding of Design Patterns and hands on experience with JS;
  • Candidate must follow the latest technologies, trends and tools relevant to the web dev. Also, must be experienced with leading tech change and know all about implications;
  • Understand Javascript “under the hood” V8, CommonJS/AMD/ES, flow, TS
  • Proficient understanding of CI/CD and hands on experience with test automation (Jest, Mocha, Jasmine);
  • Experience in taking responsibility, working independently;
  • Good level of English.
What we love about Innovecs
  • High-level compensation and regular performance based salary and career development reviews;
  • Medical insurance (health), employee assistance program;
  • Paid vacation, holidays and sick leaves;
  • Gym 24/7, personal fitness instructor;
  • Massage in the office, personal wellness consultant;
  • English classes with native speakers and partially or fully reimbursed personal trainings and conferences;
  • Referral program;
  • Team building and a lot of fun to take a break, relax, and give you the freedom to think beyond the next line of code.