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    Our stellar team of IT outsourcing professionals carefully maintains a unique product development atmosphere in a service company

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    We partner with Start-ups and Big names from Silicon Valley and elsewhere who trust us to build the cutting-edge software products from scratch

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From our base in Eastern Europe, Innovecs engineers provide answers to your company’s specific software and technology needs. Bring us your toughest problems. We’ll bring you solutions that are elegant in design and efficient in operation.

Services that are most demanded by our customers now

Innovecs is a global business technology outsourcing provider with the experience and depth to provide specialized service in a number of high-demand areas. Our engineers love to specialize, focusing their energies and talents on areas of particular interest to them, and of value to our clients

Technologies that we are focused on most of all now

Our engineers also have lot of experience in Usability Testing and Embedded Software Development

You wouldn’t trust your bank’s future to software designed for a manufacturing business. Just as every industry has its own unique language, so it has the specific ways of collecting, analyzing and using data. Chances are, Innovecs knows the specialized demands of your industry.

Industries that we are changing right now

We also have various experience in Finance & Insurance, Travel & Transportation, Gaming, Digital Marketing and Telecom

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