The telecom industry requires extremely complex solutions and utilizes latest developments in software engineering. Innovecs engineers are highly experienced in planning and implementing large telecom projects that require high-quality and volume performance.

Innovecs delivers industry-leading lifecycle research, software development, and support services, including engineering of tailored OSS/BSS solutions, integration of third-party solutions, customization and deployment of off-the-shelf products. You can outsource a variety of development tasks to our software team such as cloud-based backend services, mobile infrastructure, and core network solutions.

Telecom management software
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Telecom software development
We have expertise in:
Off-the-shelf products customization and deployment
Integration of third-party OSS/BSS solutions
Development of tailored OSS/BSS solutions
VoIP & Unified Communication solutions
Firmware development
Who we serve
VoIP & UC providers
Networking equipment manufacturers
Telecommunications service providers
Featured Cases
Discover how Innovecs enriches companies with outstanding software solutions:
Cloud Telephony Company

Client is a cloud telephony services provider (SaaS) headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Company designs, develops, and offers web-based VoIP products and services as a business-to-business (B2B) service for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) and bills customers based on usage.

Product: Voice Broadcasting, Text Messaging, Call Tracking, Interactive voice response, Cloud call center, Developer API.

Innovecs Contribution: Developers are working on Cloud call center product, System Engineers responsible for servers maintaining and administration.

Technology: Java, JavaScript, Web-based applications through API’s, Salesforce API, AppExchange, Zen desk Apps, API, Mailchimp API.

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Cloud-based Solution for Telecom

Product: a service management platform, which integrate various products in Mobile Device Management, Telecom Carrier billing and ordering, support, HR and finance into a single system. It aggregates and automates information and actions from wireless carriers and EMM solutions. As a result, customers benefit from full transparency, reliable analytics and process automation. These solutions are achieved without having to access carrier portals or maintain excel spread sheets.

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Our clients say
"As far as working with Innovecs, my overall satisfaction is high. I asked a lot from the team and they ultimately delivered."
Chris Ricci
Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Flextronics
"We have been very impressed with the work that Innovecs has done as well as the level of effort they have exhibited. The project was a success: high quality work, delivered on time and at a reasonable cost. Thanks!"
Rick Adams
VP of Corporate Development & Strategy at Entrepreneurial Advantage
Why Innovecs
Commitment to a True Partnership

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the products they want are the products we deliver – every time – and that we routinely exceed expectations.

Fast Hiring Processes

We value both the quality and the speed of talent acquisition process, so our clients get a dedicated team of recruiters to find the right professionals within one month.

Inspirational Working Environment

Our dynamic culture allows us to keep a special "Silicon Valley" atmosphere and provide excellent delivery on the most challenging projects.