The telecom industry requires extremely complex solutions and utilizes latest developments in software engineering. Innovecs engineers are highly experienced in planning and implementing large telecom projects that require high-quality and volume performance.

Innovecs delivers industry-leading lifecycle research, software development, and support services, including engineering of tailored OSS/BSS solutions, integration of third-party solutions, customization and deployment of off-the-shelf products. You can outsource a variety of development tasks to our software team such as cloud-based backend services, mobile infrastructure, and core network solutions.

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We have expertise in:
Off-the-shelf products customization and deployment
Integration of third-party OSS/BSS solutions
Development of tailored OSS/BSS solutions
VoIP & Unified Communication solutions
Firmware development
Who we serve
VoIP & UC providers
Networking equipment manufacturers
Telecommunications service providers
Featured Cases
Discover how Innovecs enriches companies with outstanding software solutions:
Cloud Telephony Company

Client is a cloud telephony services provider (SaaS) headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Company designs, develops, and offers web-based VoIP products and services as a business-to-business (B2B) service for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) and bills customers based on usage.

Product: Voice Broadcasting, Text Messaging, Call Tracking, Interactive voice response, Cloud call center, Developer API.

Innovecs Contribution: Developers are working on Cloud call center product, System Engineers responsible for servers maintaining and administration.

Technology: Java, JavaScript, Web-based applications through API’s, Salesforce API, AppExchange, Zen desk Apps, API, Mailchimp API.

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Cloud-based Solution for Telecom

Product: a service management platform, which integrate various products in Mobile Device Management, Telecom Carrier billing and ordering, support, HR and finance into a single system. It aggregates and automates information and actions from wireless carriers and EMM solutions. As a result, customers benefit from full transparency, reliable analytics and process automation. These solutions are achieved without having to access carrier portals or maintain excel spread sheets.

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